Image courtesy of Google.

Google closes out each year by sharing the people, places and things most searched across the globe, but this year was special. Google is celebrating their 25th anniversary, and now it’s difficult to imagine life without the ubiquitous tool which answers our questions and fosters our boundless curiosity. Google has released a video sharing 25 years of top searches in every category.

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The team at Google which creates “The Year in Search” is headed by Lake Highlands High School 2004 graduate Cecelia Stewart Cox. Cox is the daughter of Robb and Kathy Stewart and is married to Steve Cox, also an LHHS grad.

Unsurprisingly, the War in Israel and Gaza led 2023’s top global searches in the news category, but would you have guessed the Titanic sub as #2? Jeremy Renner was the most-searched actor in America after his Snow Cat accident, and Jamie Foxx was close behind following his health scare this year. Can you guess which athlete led searches in the U.S.? I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t Travis Kelce.

How did I find links to all these stories? I Googled them, of course!

You’ll find all the lists from Google’s 2023 Year in Search for the United States here, and their Global Year in Search here.

You may take a Time Capsule Quiz to explore the history of Google searches over 25 years here.

A YouTube video sharing 25 years of Google’s top searches is below.