Davis Graddy (in light blue sweater) prepares to cut the ribbon.

Families in the neighborhood surrounding Wallace Elementary officially dedicated the school’s new concrete walkway Wednesday. The “Wallace Walkway” was made possible by donations from the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands and neighborhood families.

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The paved path around campus provides an ideal opportunity to ride a scooter, play a game of hopscotch, glide on skates or push a baby stroller. On hand for the celebration were Exchange Club Past President Robert Walne, Principal Tonya Anderson, PTA President Julia Acosta, retired teacher Frank Gomez and others. Third-grader Davis Graddy cut the ribbon from his wheelchair and led his fellow students on a trip around the loop.

“This walkway creates a path accessible to all students regardless of their athletic ability, despite the weather — we do live in Texas — and in an area that is safe for residents to walk,” said Acosta. “Previously, when it rained, students were required to have recess in the gym, and the playground would be muddy for days. Let’s be honest, we are all powered by Vitamin D and feel better with fresh air and sunshine. Now, there is a pathway where students can get out regardless of the condition of the playground itself. We also have students that maneuver the playground in a wheelchair. These students can now access the entire playground easily.”

Stacie Bon volunteers as the school’s sixth-grade coordinator, and she watched the kids enjoying the new trail. She said Wallace is a special place.

“Wallace is unique. Parents and students work together. It is not overly competitive, but they are passionate and driven. There is a very diverse student population made up of students from around the world which adds a sweetness you don’t find a lot of places.”

Some students ran, some biked, some skated and some rode scooters around the Wallace Walkway.

The total cost of $64,221 was provided by donors, including the LH Exchange Club and Wallace families.

The Wallace Walkway is wheelchair accessible and allows students to play outdoors, even if fields are muddy.