Photo courtesy of the Texas Department of Transportation.

During this week’s morning commute, drivers might have noticed the new Northaven Trail Bridge arching over U.S. 75 (Central Expressway), connecting various trails in Dallas.

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The bridge, situated near Royal Lane, spans 201 feet and was installed in September. The engineering crew added final touches before opening it to the public on Nov. 13. A grand opening with a ribbon-cutting is planned for Dec. 2 at 9:45 a.m.

The project, starting in 2021, aimed to connect trails on each side of the North Central Expressway, including the White Rock Creek Trail, Cottonwood Creek Trail, and SoPac Trail.

The western expansion completed in early 2020, and the White Rock and Cottonwood connector wrapped up in November. The Texas Department of Transportation noted ongoing work on the bridge, and pedestrians should expect short-term closures.

The Friends of Northaven Trail will host the ribbon-cutting at the northeast corner of Central Expressway Frontage Road and Northaven Road.

Although the bridge accommodates pedestrians and cyclists, cars are also testing it out. However, it is important to note, like most trails, that it is only accessible by foot.