Slowly cooked brisket

White Rock Que. Photo by Rasy Ran.

It’s been ten years since a serial rapist assaulted women in their own Lake Highlands homes. The attacks left victims shattered and their neighbors feeling terrorized, but it wasn’t long before the community came together to turn heartbreak into healing. Survivor Elizabeth Pierce and her friends created White Rock Que to raise money for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

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“As a group of neighbors, we came together, supported each other and endured some scary times side-by-side prior to the arrest,” Pierce said. “We witnessed first-hand the incredible support DARCC provides survivors, their families, their friends and their community.”

White Rock Que is a brisket and rib competition, with the best pitmasters in town angling to show who’s boss. Doors at Oak Highlands Brewery open Oct. 14 at 4 p.m., and live music and delicious barbecue are available beginning at 5 p.m. Winners are announced at 8 p.m., including a “People’s Choice Champion.”

“We’re so proud of what White Rock Que has become,” said Pierce. “The horrific series of events in our neighborhood in 2013 launched a neighborhood-wide response. What started as a friendly barbecue competition has become the largest fundraiser for Dallas County’s only rape crisis center, thanks to all of the attendees and sponsors. It is always a fun time for everyone, but as a survivor I can tell you it is so meaningful for survivors to see the outpouring of community support behind them at the event.”

Tickets are available online here.