Photo by Simon Pruitt.


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The CVS Pharmacy sign on Walnut Hill and Skillman has been vandalized on both sides. The graffiti promotes ‘Peacoat Remix’, a Soundcloud-exclusive track by an artist named Seth Britton.

The song, which currently sits at 2,000 streams, is littered with comments referencing the spray-painted guerilla advertisements across the city, including on Movie Trading Company on Greenville Ave.

Graffiti on the back side of Movie Trading Company. Photo by Simon Pruitt.

Note from the writer, it’s free and easy to upload your own music onto Spotify. If you’re going out of your way to illegally promote your music, at least make sure it’s on the world’s most used streaming app. Perhaps Britton prefers the underground hip hop culture of Soundcloud, Dallas may never know.

In fact, if city council member Kathy Stewart has anything to do it, Dallas won’t be hearing from Britton or any other graffiti artists.

“Graffiti throughout the city needs to be cleaned up,” she says. “As the Executive Director of a PID [Public Improvement District], I was responsible for keeping public space clean, I learned that you need to respond quickly. If graffiti is left there, it opens the door for more graffiti. I ask the residents of District 10 to help by turning in graffiti to 311 by calling or using the Our Dallas app.”

Moving forward, neighbors are encouraged to report graffiti on the on the new Dallas Online Reporting System (DORS). 

Editor’s note: Less than 24 hours after Advocate posted this story, graffiti on Greenville Avenue was painted over. It’s not immediately clear whether the city or the property owner is responsible.

Graffiti was painted over on Greenville Avenue.