Crossbar watch party

If you’ve found yourself gutted since Apple TV’s heartwarming series Ted Lasso came to an end after three seasons, and you’re looking for a proper way to reconnect with mates who understand the show’s life lessons, head for Crossbar Soccer + Beer. Folks at Crossbar would never underestimate an American football coach who steps in to lead an English football team, and they’d never judge a kit man by his actions in his weakest moments. #Believe

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Crossbar is an indoor facility owned and operated by Lake Highlands High School 2008 grad Preston Osborn and wife, Chelsea. Described as “the ultimate hybrid environment for soccer fans and players alike,” Crossbar offers league play, pickup games, watch parties, special events and rental opportunities. Oh, and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Some say there’ll be a Ted Lasso spin off, and some predict a feature film or book is in the works. No need to get your knickers in a twist. Until Keeley, Rebecca, Jamie Tartt and the gang return, these ten developments at Crossbar will keep you chuffed:

1) It’s a 9-hour nonstop flight to south London’s Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC. That’s the real-life site of AFC Richmond’s fictional Nelson Road Stadium, known on the show as the Dog Track. Crossbar is much closer. The indoor facility near Arapaho and 75 in Richardson is just a few miles from the heart of Lake Highlands.

2) Mae’s pub, Crown and Anchor, is also too far to visit often, but Crossbar offers a variety of pours and now serves scrummy pizza. Order a slice or a whole pie, then sit down in the bar and have a chin wag.

3) Lake Highlands’ own Vector Brewing has partnered with Crossbar to create a custom beer called Decision Day. The English Pale Ale infused with a hint of Earl Grey references the dramatic last day of the English Premiere League season and will be on tap at Vector and Crossbar beginning in late June.

2) A movie screen has been installed on the walls of the soccer pitch, and Crossbar will project whatever you wish — from your own team’s highlights to your favorite movie.

4) The Battle of the Brewers tournament is coming August 12, with local breweries competing 5v5 for the title of Crossbar’s featured fall brewery.

6) League play begins again June 19 for an 8-week season, with Mondays reserved for 7v7 coed play and Tuesdays for 7v7 men’s leagues (build your own team). Wednesday through Friday is for 5v5 pickup games, meaning players may form a team or arrive solo and click right into the fun.

7) Texas Cornhole is a growing activity at Crossbar, and players may register for the North Texas league through the free “Scoreholio” app.

8) Crossbar is available for rental, whether you fancy a mid-morning birthday party for kiddos or a rowdy late-night beer fest for work mates. Two hours of field time with a private party area is $400.

9) If you can’t get Ted Lasso, Coach Beard or Roy Kent to teach your little ones the beautiful game, you’ll want the next best thing, and that’s Vedral Soccer Academy. On Sundays, they offer “Pickup and Prizes,” a two-hour fun time for 7- to 15-year-olds. You’ll need to register here.

10) Crossbar has two fields and a bar, but plans are in the works for expansion and renovation. An announcement with specifics is coming soon, including details about investment and sponsorship opportunities.

Crossbar Soccer + Beer is at 1000 Hampshire in Richardson.

Soccer match at Crossbar