Lake Highlands neighbors can expect to find plenty of strange things in their yards after a wacky weekend — painted rocks, popped balloons, chalk messages, blown-out flip flops. Members of the Feddern family weren’t prepared, though, when a miniature pig came toddling into their yard around midnight Thursday to charm them all.

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Chalon was on the porch with a friend when he spotted the pig and called wife Kelly. They set up a big plastic tub with blankets and water and began sending out feelers for folks missing a pet. Daughters Blakely, 10, and Ellis, 7, named her Cookie and learned she’s a Boston Kunekune, often raised as companions because they are easy to care for and exceedingly affectionate.

“She can eat her weight in spinach and carrots, and she’s always sticking her snout in the water bowl,” says Kelly. “She loves to be scratched, and it will be very hard to let her go. Our girls are working to convince us to keep her, but it’s just not feasible. We want her to live her best life on a farm.”

Despite requests by neighbors to make Cookie the community mascot and suggestions to host a Lake Highlands Pig and Popsicle Party, the Fedderns have arranged for her to be adopted by Dr. Karen Fling, veterinarian and owner of East Lake Pet Orphanage. Dr. Fling will take Cookie to her ranch in Centerville, Texas. You can support Dr. Fling’s efforts to get animals adopted by shopping at her Second Chances Thrift Store, 10101 Garland Road. All proceeds go to East Lake Pet Orphanage.

Chalon, Blakely and Ellis Feddern with Cookie