Photo courtesy of Dallas Children’s Theater

The Dallas Children’s Theater production of Last Stop on the Market Street debuts on the Rosewood Center for the Arts stage this month, March 18.

Last Stop on the Market Street was postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, but now it’s making its grand entrance with many of the same cast members.

The production is based on the New York Times’ bestseller Last Stop on Market Street by author Matt de la Peña, which follows young CJ and his Nana on their journey as they board the public bus for their weekly trip across town to help out at a soup kitchen.

Dallas Children’s Theater describes it as “a compassionate tale filled with both the mature joy of a grandparent and the pure wonder of a child.”

“While riding the bus with CJ and Nana, we learn the value of meeting people where they are, and the joy of opening our hearts and minds to the experiences of others,” said director Vickie Washington. “With all that is happening in our city and in our world today, these are very important lessons for all of us.”

Also, some of the scenes in the production will be making a debut in Dallas, thanks to playwright Gloria Bond Clunie who spent three weeks working with the cast. The play will be dedicated to Bonnie Jean Stoner, who introduced the theater to the book almost five years ago.

Last Stop on the Market Street will run from March 18 – Apr. 2. Tickets range from $17 – $30 and can be found here.