A Lake Highlands High School student was shot and killed Tuesday night. Dallas police are still investigating the shooting, and say the unknown suspect remains at large.

Police say officers responded about 5:40 p.m. to the 7300 block of Skillman Street, between Church Road and Walnut Hill. The victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, died at the hospital.

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Students entering the high school this morning were delayed about 30 minutes due to the installation of temporary metal detectors. LHHS Principal Kerri Jones emailed a note to parents last night, explaining the situation and urging parents and students with information about the crime to call 911.

You’ll find her full message here:

February 28, 2023
LHHS Parents and Students,

We have been made aware this evening of significant police activity and an investigation into a criminal incident that occurred in Lake Highlands along Skillman Street after school today. 

RISD Safety & Security is in contact with Dallas Police, and we do not anticipate knowing details about the incident until tomorrow or beyond. Anyone with firsthand information that could aid the police investigation is encouraged to contact Dallas Police by calling 911.

Because the safety of students and staff at school is our ongoing priority, we will be utilizing metal detectors at school tomorrow as a precaution. If and when we receive information from Dallas PD that we are able to share with the community, we will do so.

Thank you for your support as we work to keep our school as safe as possible.


Kerri Jones