Image courtesy of Vector Brewing

If you’re still looking for love in the air after Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, Vector Brewing is hosting Electric Love that weekend on Feb. 18.

Electric Love will be a night of live music and love stories starting at 8 p.m. Beauty Thibodeau and Cameron Barnes will provide the tunes complete with their vocals and string instruments.

In addition to live music, Barnes will be part of the “autotuned love stories” lineup, which Vanessa Kenney will host. The stories won’t all have happy endings but will cover a spectrum of love and heartbreak.

The storytellers are from a collective called Curiousifi that does live performances,  artist collaborations and storytelling workshops.

The following performers will be on the lineup for the night:

• Christopher Brown
• Ellen Fultz
• Cameron Barnes
• Ava Elder
• Chris Sanders
• Tiffani Rodriguez

Tickets will be pay-what-you-can at the event.