Emporium Pies. Photography by Jessica Turner.

A new slice is being added to Emporium Pies’ history.

Husband-and-wife Charlie and Landon Perdue, as well as Landon’s sister, Jen Abohosh, have purchased the enterprise which was founded by Lake Highlands residents in Bishop Arts in 2011.

Since 2011, founders Megan Wilkes and Mary Sparks have grown the company out of their flagship store in Bishop Arts to include locations in Deep Ellum, Fort Worth and McKinney. The Perdue’s and Abohosh, who reside in Oak Cliff themselves, took over all four Emporium Pie locations in November.

In a prepared statement, Landon Perdue said that Emporium Pies has been a favorite dessert stop for her family since its founding.

“Our family and friends all treasure Emporium Pies,” She says. “We want to ensure that our favorite pie shop’s next chapter continues to be equally as special and beloved.”

Abohosh has been named the new President of the company, bringing a decade of experience in operations and management to the venture.

And, like Wilkes and Sparks, Perdue and Abohosh come into the Emporium Pie company as the next set of female leaders at the helm.

According to an interview with D Magazine, Abohosh says that Charlie Perdue, while a partial owner of the company, will not play a major role in operations.

Continuing on the legacy started by Wilkes and Sparks is something Abohosh aims to do, she says, especially as the holiday season means a ramp-up in demand on pies.

“We are so excited to continue to play a leading role in our new and returning customers’ holiday traditions,” says Abohosh. “Emporium Pies has always been a reliable local shop that you can count on to deliver exceptional pies and great customer service and that will never change.”