Strouderosa smoked turkey

Strouderosa, which started out as a meat-smoking catering business in the neighborhood, has a brick-and-mortar location in the works.

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The restaurant will be in the former BrickHouse Burgers space at 9090 Skillman Street. BrickHouse shuttered earlier this year.

Started by Lake Highlands High School grads Matt and Trisha Stroud in 2020 after Matt was furloughed, Strouderosa smokes meats and holiday meals in a home garage-turned-smokehouse.

But the makings extend further than 2020. It began with Matt’s dad’s salsa in the 2000s. Don Stroud, his dad, made a salsa called Santa Anna’s revenge, a nod to the Battle of San Jacinto. It was a hit amongst friends and family.

Don eventually made a drawing for the salsa— three waving jalepenos— that Matt now uses for all things Strouderosa.

In 2018, Matt got some BBQ and food truck experience helping a friend with his food truck, iBBQ 4U. That’s where he created a jalapeño BBQ sauce, another hit and a Strouderosa signature.

Currently, Matt, Trisha and the Strouderosa team are working on fixing up the place. They’ve also hired LHHS alumni and residents to help out with what they can’t do. The kitchen is already done.

“We are going to start working on the dining room update next week. Lots of painting. Building tables and chairs, new light fixtures. We are going to put up a very unique wood wall where customers can contribute,” Trisha says.

Though the Strouds have faced some setbacks with the condition of the space and replacing items, they’re hoping to open soon.
“Our goal is to be open for full service dine in early next year,” Trisha says.