Trail construction between Arborside and Abrams

Construction continues this month on a 2.5-mile extension of the Lake Highlands Trail. New sections will connect existing trail from the Fair Oaks Transfer Station to north of Lake Highlands High School and east of the Lake Highlands Town Center.

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Crews are now busy building a ramp on the west side of Abrams Road between Moss Meadows and Moss Haven. Hikers and bikers there will rise to street level and cross Abrams using a hybrid beacon signal, which remains dark until a pedestrian pushes the call button and activates flashing lights.

The project, authorized and begun in 2020, has a price tag of $8.3 million. Federal and state funds will cover about $6 million, and the City of Dallas will pay the rest.

You may view Dallas’ full trail map here.

Lake Highlands Trail

A ramp is being built to lead trail users up to Abrams Road.

An opening has been cut to allow access to Abrams Road.

New trail has been added west of Wildcat Stadium.

New trail is planned under the power lines between Abrams and Skillman.