Dallas ranks 12th in the nation out of 25 cities when it comes to the income needed to live comfortably, according to a study by SmartAsset.

An annual salary ranging from $61,475 – $83,289, depending on whether you’re renting a one- or two-bedroom, is estimated to be necessary to make rent. This is one list, however, where Dallas isn’t the most expensive Texas city. Austin comes a spot ahead of us at 11th.

The national average for two-bedroom rent hovers around $1,800.

In our city, the study estimates an annual income of $61,475 is needed to comfortably rent a one-bedroom at $1,434. For a two-bedroom, the estimated necessary income is $83,289 with rent at $1,943.

These numbers were based on renters spending no more than 28% of their income toward rent.

In Lake Highlands, average rent is $1,197, according to RentCafe.

Despite the rising rent costs in Dallas, we’re still below some of the highest rents going above $3,000 in San Francisco and New York City.

Other Texas cities on the list included Fort Worth at 18, Houston at 19 and San Antonio at 21. The least expensive and last on the list was El Paso at 25.