Warren Sibley, Chris Neilson, and Steve McClure, owners of The Gym Lake Highlands. Photo courtesy of Matt Hawthorne

The Gym Lake Highlands is just one place around where neighbors can get motivated and moving. It’s also where two members helped the owner save the gym from the cusp of going under once rents began rising.

In 2018, owner Warren Sibley was seriously considering moving the CrossFit gym,  from its Lakeridge Village location, where so many members had grown familiar with the environment.

Sibley has owned The Gym for 12 years as a CrossFit affiliate after taking it on from the previous owners.

“My experience in CrossFit was so communal, edifying, and fulfilling,” Sibley said. “I was getting healthy and helping my friends and neighbors do the same. It was an easy yes for me to jump on board.”

Despite redevelopment and rent increases (and with some help from members) The Gym was able to stay in the shopping center but in a new space.

Photo courtesy of Matt Hawthorne

That’s where Steven McClure and Chris Neilson stepped in. The two members offered to help with renovations and take on co-ownership to keep the gym in operation while maintaining their day jobs.

In 2019, The Gym (previously known as Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning) reopened freshly renovated.

“For me in the beginning, becoming an owner was just about the convenience of keeping it near home,” Neilson said. “We love CrossFit and the community and competitive outlet it provides.”

For all three guys, a sense of community and convenient location was something else they wanted to foster through the business partnership.

“We bought a CrossFit gym and we decided to focus on CrossFit. Our coaching got better, our members became more fit, and our community became stronger. Recommitting to real CrossFit methodology and training is key to our current growth,” McClure said.

The Gym has seen it’s highs and lows— even pushing past the pandemic and the halt of in-person sessions— but is still going strong with CrossFit coaching and classes. The Gym at Lake Highlands can be found at 9850 Walnut Hill Lane #222.