Say goodbye to Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning and hello to THE GYM Lake Highlands.

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THE GYM, the newly adorned name for the former strength and condition gym, is just one of a few changes new owners Steve McClure, Chris Neilson, Warren Sibley and Kurt Kampfschulte are making to the fitness center at the revamped Lakeridge Village Shopping Center. And to celebrate those changes, they are inviting the community to enjoy music, food and drinks at THE GYM’s grand opening party at 5 p.m. June 29.

While THE GYM is still in the same shopping center at Walnut Hill and Audelia, it has moved to a new spot at suite 222.

Vector Brewing and Resident Taqueria will be serving beverages and food at the grand opening event. THE GYM owners are also offering a deal for new gym members who sign up during the party: one free month with the purchase of a 12-month membership.

THE GYM offers Crossfit and more traditional cardio-based workouts daily. The fitness center also hosts community workouts on Saturday mornings at 8 and 9 a.m. THE GYM will also be rolling out two new training programs this summer: one for youth and one for aspiring triathlon athletes.

To learn more about THE GYM, visit the center’s Facebook page.