Dolled-up is out, and effortless effort is in. The biggest celebrities from Pete Davidson to Jake Gyllenhaal are rocking “delicore,” or merch from local delis, coffee shops and bodegas. While we might not be New York City or Los Angeles celebs, Lake Highlands is full of worthy delicore finds.

La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land might be delicore elite. The coffee shop’s trendy drinks aren’t all they’re known for. From trucker hats encouraging kindness to butterfly-laden sweatpants to tote bags in La La Land’s iconic yellow color, one could build a whole wardrobe around their merch. 

White Rock Coffee

White Rock Coffee is a local coffee staple with plenty of trendy merchandise. From athletic shirts to sweaters to hats, White Rock Coffee has branded outfits with logos full of Texan pride. If you’re looking to get into the coffee game at home, the shop also sells beans, grinders and filters to get you started.

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Houndstooth Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee on Henderson Avenue is hard to miss, with its green exterior and woodsy elements akin to its North Dallas location. Their mugs don trademark houndstooth and fedora logos and the state of Texas, and so does their merch, which ranges from water bottles and mugs to shirts and hats.