Bike lane in East Dallas, taken in July 2022. Photo by Renee Umsted.

The Dallas City Council passed a bike lane ordinance this month.

It makes it illegal to stop, stand or park a vehicle in a designated bike lane. Anyone who violates the ordinance is subject to a fine up to $200.

“Passage of this ordinance today will make our bike lanes safer and help us encourage more connectivity throughout the city,” District 1 City Council member Chad West said at the Sept. 14 meeting.

Previously, stopping, standing or parking a vehicle was prohibited only on places such as the roadway side of a vehicle parked at the curb; on a sidewalk; within an intersection; on a crosswalk; on a bridge over a highway or within a tunnel; or on a railroad track.

Read the full ordinance here.

Dallas is working on an update to the 2011 bike plan. According to the city’s website, the new master plan is scheduled for completion by next summer. It will include updates to the bicycle network map, design standards for bicycle facilities, and create “a prioritized and phased implementation plan that identifies ‘quick win’ priority bicycle facilities and priorities for future capital improvement programs.”