Photo by Natalie Murphy.

Every year, Communities Foundation of Texas hosts NTX Giving Day, a campaign where thousands of nonprofits across Texas advocate for their cause.

Show your support for Advocate Media by donating to us during our first year participating, or start your own fundraiser to support us. creating a campaign for others to donate.

Give early prior to Sept. 22, or wait until the special day to donate to us!

The Advocate began over 30 years ago with a mission to help make life in Dallas more like life in a small town, by connecting neighbors, building friendships and support local businesses.

Last year, we decided to officially become a nonprofit, allowing us to approach businesses with different sponsorship opportunities and ask readers for help in different ways. We still donate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in media space and promotions to give back to local schools, nonprofits and groups.

Read more about our nonprofit status here.