The City of Dallas created its first Economic Development Corporation recently to help market Dallas as a destination for businesses.

Economic Development Corporations, or EDCs, are nonprofit entities separate from the cities or governmental entities they serve. The State of Texas has one, as do many towns and cities across the state.

“As its first task the EDC will support and enhance the economic development work of the city by assisting with marketing and business development,” says Robin Bentley, director of the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development. “The Council may delegate additional work to the EDC over time, including efforts related to small business.”

The Dallas EDC’s board of directors was recently appointed (see below) and is expected to have its first meeting soon.

Here are the board members, listed by City Council district:

  1. Alan Dorantes
  2. Ardo Fuentes
  3. Chris Bradshaw
  4. Cynthia Figueroa
  5. Debra Hunter Johnson
  6. Dania Duncan Moreno
  7. Gilbert Gerst
  8. Holly Reed
  9. Jimmy Tran
  10. 10.John Stephens
  11. Johnnie King
  12. Kim Noltemy
  13. Linda McMahon
  14. Michon Fulgham
  15. Walter “Alan” Walne