Book cover illustrated by Dan Santat.

When he’s not on stage or songwriting, Rhett Miller writes books for kids, apparently.

The Old 97s frontman recently released a children’s book titled The Baby-Changing Station, which features illustrations by Dan Santat (creator of Disney show The Replacements).

This is Miller’s second published book after No More Poems!: A Book in Verse That Just Gets Worsealso illustrated by Santat.

The Baby-Changing Station follows James, a 10-year-old facing the task of changing his baby brother’s diaper during dinner at his family’s go-to pizza place.

There’s a twist though— the baby changing station in the men’s restroom has a screen offering to change babies into “cool” objects, like an electric guitar or night vision glasses. James has to fight the temptation of swapping out his brother.

The New York Times describes it as “a super-fun, original and solidly constructed story with an adorable and climactic conclusion.”

You can find the book here.