Stock shot of children’s concert by Rubén Bagüés for Unsplash.

Later this month there is a free event at Rosewood Center for Family Arts. It’s free, and it’s not until August 20, but you have to sign up for it. Trust, if you have little ones, you’ll want to get in on this one.

Even as we continue to take caution when gathering and touching one another — because contagious illnesses don’t seem to be going away — the idea of Hugapalooza! from KidLinks sounds pretty inviting.

Hugapalooza! From 3-4 p.m. August 20 at Rosewood Center for Family Arts on Skillman at Northwest Highway is the free, kid-centered, sing-along concert presented by KidLinks, a nonprofit whose mission is to bring healing, hope and happiness through music and media.

In fact, no actual hugging is required. Performances — by Jim Newton and Paul G. Hill with Bill Hudson on lead guitar, Gina Glidewell, Sara Chigani, Larry Dykstra, and a few surprise guests — are geared to help attendees feel connected, organizers say.

“The event will be full of music and activities for kids meant to help you feel better, help you feel special, help you feel happy, but most importantly, help you feel like you are getting a big wonderful hug,” they say.

KidLinks specializes in therapeutic music entertainment — musical performances or activities which, by virtue of diversion, amusement and engaging qualities, promotes healing. The organization also offers music therapy programs. You can learn more about those on KidLinks’ very informative website.

“KidLinks music gives kids a healthy, safe and positive way to connect with their emotions and with one another,” a spokesperson tells us. “Bring your kids, grandchildren, neighbors and friends. This event is recommended for children of social and emotional ages 2 and up.”

Light refreshments will be served after the show. Doors open at 2:30. Again, it’s free but seats are limited so reserve your tickets here, now, at their EventBrite invite.