Brooke Chaney is an artist, Lake Highlands High School graduate, East Dallas resident and co-founder of Trade Oak Cliff, an artists cooperative at Tyler Station. A whole magazine story about Chaney and Trade is coming to the July issue, but for now, you have to see what the artist is up to at the Dallas Arboretum right now.

Chaney is a former schoolteacher who goes by the brand name Made By Mom. From what I’ve seen, Chaney’s art — much of it with perfect geometric lines drawn through kaleidoscopic landscapes —adds a blast of color and the ultimate sensory satisfaction to whatever environment it’s in. And that goes for the summer mural Made By Mom is doing at the Arboretum. Chaney Instagrammed a time-lapsed video of the process.

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“Today’s adventure. I started my mural at the Dallas Arboretum and met lots of curious, kind and supportive people,” @Madexmom noted on IG this week. “I was even visited by a couple friends while on-site. It was a good day.”


Keep an eye out for the coming story on Trade Oak Cliff, and keep up with Chaney at @madexmom.