The site at 12000 Greenville Avenue is one of three properties in Dallas with proposed changes to serve the homeless in our neighborhood.

In a Housing and Homelessness Solutions committee meeting on May 23, a “reset of Greenville Avenue” was on the agenda.

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Director of the Office of Homelessness Solutions Christine Crossley and Deputy City Manager Kimberly Bizor Talbort presented plans for the use of the sites at Hampton, Independence Drive and Greenville Avenue. The city will transfer the sites to Dallas County.

The presentation states that the site at Greenville Avenue will not serve as a shelter, day center or hospital. Proposed use for the site include aiding “people in distress through compassionate care” and supportive services to the homeless community.

“Within D10, there has been a group working way beyond any thoughts that we’ve had about the partnership with the county,” Bizor Talbort said. “It’s really a matter of us reconvening and really getting back with that group.”

Several council members, including Adam McGough, Paula Blackmon, Chad West and Cara Mendelsohn, stated they felt the plan for 12000 Greenville Avenue was not “fully baked” and had remaining concerns.

“Any of the discussions I’ve had included housing… that has been a key part of this,” McGough said. “Another part of it has been jobs and workforce training and trying to make sure that services were all brought and at a one stop shop.”

Services are still undetermined at this time.

Additionally, out of the almost 13 acres of the site, some of the property won’t be available for long-term use or any permanent structures.

“The history of this is it came as an economic development project,” McGough said. “We want this to be something that invites the community in.”

There was also a community feedback session on the plans on May 25. Livestream playback can be viewed here.