Cyclist on White Rock Lake. Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Four large trees are scheduled to be removed around White Rock Lake.

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An urban biologist has inspected the trees and determined that because they are rotting and are near trails, park roads or busy areas, they should be removed.

The trees provide a wildlife benefit, but they could harm park users, the biologist says. They are scheduled to be removed before June 31.

Click¬†here to see images of the trees and where they’re located, which is roughly near Winfrey Point, Sunset Bay, Lakeforest Court at Winsted Drive and near the parking lot by the pier on W. Lawther Drive.

The City is also mediating and removing trees at White Rock Lake Park that were damaged in storms earlier this week.

Damaged tree. Photo courtesy of Dallas City Council District 9.

Trees at other parks including Samuell-Grand, Tenison, Lake Highlands, St. Francis and Dixon Branch Greenbelt were also damaged.

City staff is working on these trees this week.