Moouis Vuitton

Artist Preston Pannek — as in House of Pannek and Lash Loft with his fiancee Adrienne Creasey — recently moved from Deep Ellum to Forest Hills, where he is making an impression with his latest sculpture, Moouis Vuitton, a life-sized milk cow sculpture that they turned into a Louis Vuitton purse.

“It’s got a zipper and purse handles that we just haven’t put on yet,” he says.

Moouis will be on display in front of his home at 8119 Barbaree for about three weeks. Then she’s going on tour for a while.

Moouis Vuitton

“She’s one of five that we have. This one’s not for sale, but the other four are for sale for $50,000 apiece, and one of them has already sold,” he says.

To whom — as well as in what capacity and where Moouis and the other sculptures are touring — is privileged information at this point. There is a contract involved and such, Pannek tells us.

Pannek, who attended Lake Highlands High School in the early ‘00s, and Creasey are known for painting murals all over Deep Ellum, where they lived for the last 10 years before relocating to their two-story home on a large lot near White Rock Lake. They are partners in business, and they are getting married next month.

Pannek says he’s built dinosaur sculptures and “a bunch of crazy weird” items for Gary Isett, who is famous in East Dallas for his yard-artwork collection.

“We’re going to get something like that going on this side of the lake,” Pannek says.

He also mentions that people have attempted to steal art from Isett’s yard and warns that Moouis is bolted down and has a GPS tracker, so don’t get any ideas.