John “Lucky” Luckadoo served as a Second Lieutenant bomber pilot in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. A new book detailing his life and experience as a pilot during the war just dropped and is a no.1 new release in military aviation history on Amazon.

The biography, Damn Lucky, is written by Kevin Maurer, an award-winning journalist  and co-author of multiple military books.

Luckadoo made a name for himself flying B-17 Flying Fortresses between June and October of 1943. He was also a member of the 100th Bombardment Group. Damn Lucky consists of first-hand accounts from Luckadoo.

Here’s an excerpt of the book’s description:

“With a shrapnel torn Bible in his flight jacket pocket and his girlfriend’s silk stocking around his neck like a scarf as talismans, Luckadoo piloted through Luftwaffe machine-gun fire and antiaircraft flak while enduring subzero temperatures to complete twenty-five missions and his combat service. The average bomber crew rarely survived after eight to twelve missions. Knowing far too many airmen who wouldn’t be returning home, Luckadoo closed off his emotions and focused on his tasks to finish his tour of duty one moment at a time, realizing his success was more about being lucky than being skilled.”

The new biography can be found on Amazon.

Luckadoo now resides at Presbyterian Village North. Last month on Mar. 16, his birthday was designated as John Hampton “Lucky” Luckadoo Day. We wrote about it in this article.