As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, neighbors and those across our city have felt one way or another about what’s happening. Some have donated money or found other ways to contribute to the people of Ukraine.

Curt Gadsden, a retired IBM executive and church member of Episcopal Church of the Ascension, was emotionally moved by the war and wanted to do something to show he cared. 

“When I saw the bombing of the hospital, it hit me in such a way that I was compelled to do something, whatever I would be able to do,” Gadsden says. “And I told my wife, Marsha, “This is just wrong, this is immoral.’”

He bought some blue and yellow ribbon— the colors of the Ukrainian flag— from a local Hobby Lobby and got to work. At first, he tied the ribbons around a big oak tree in his front yard and offered his neighbors some ribbon to do the same.

Curt Gadsdens’ handmade pins

One day, he stuck two pieces of ribbon on a pin and wore it to church, sparking the curiosity of other church members. They wanted a pin of their own. 

This past Sunday, he took a box of 35-40 ribbons to give away at his church.

“This Sunday will be three weeks that I would have worn them and several parishioners came up to me and said, “Where did you buy that from?” And I said, “I didn’t, I just made them myself.” I’m not a seamstress. I put it out for parishioners to take if they care to do so.”

Gadsden and his wife are also participating in a financial drive that Episcopal Church of the Ascension is hosting for Ukraine.

This isn’t the first time Gadsden has volunteered his time to help or give to others. He helped the Lost Boys, Sudanese refugees who came to Dallas in 2001 during the Sudanese Civil War, and still keeps in touch with some of the survivors to this day. 

Mike Greer, Gadsden’s friend and fellow church member brought this story to my attention and let me know Gadsden doesn’t like to brag on himself.