Someone finally figured out why the modern-day Dallas Cowboys cannot win a Super Bowl.

For a moment, put out of your thoughts the fact that our team rarely even makes the playoffs these days, much less moves on to later rounds. Never mind that Jerry Jones the owner should fire his general manager. Nope, the real reason Dallas can’t claim a Super Bowl win is because — like so many things wrong in this country — Florida. (I kid, Grandma and Grandpa’s Plant City neighbors, I kid).

But, really, researchers for conducted a study and figured out that, while the Louisiana Superdome has been the unluckiest Super Bowl stadium for the NFL’s elite teams, a Florida arena is to blame for our home team’s failures.

“When it comes to a kryptonite venue for an individual team, one stadium jumped out. The Orange Bowl has been the unluckiest Super Bowl host venue by far for a specific franchise, namely, the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team has lost the Super Bowl three times with all three defeats coming in games hosted at the famous Florida stadium,” say the survey’s authors.

At this point, when a non local entity dubs Cowboys “America’s Team,” I assume they are doing so sarcastically, so note that I take offense. (Maybe back when they practiced in Lake Highlands … and the cheerleaders can still be considered America’s Girls — just ask East Dallas resident Sarah Hepola and her amazing podcast with all its interesting neighborhood tie-ins.)

The study also looked at the so-called ‘Home Field Super Bowl Curse’. It took 55 attempts, but a team finally claimed a Super Bowl win at their home stadium after the Bucs defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. The Rams made a second consecutive year of curse reversal with their win last weekend.

More details from the researchers for you football fans:

Using information from Statista, analysts looked at the performances of the teams with the most Super Bowl wins while playing at different venues. They found that the Superdome brought the worst luck to the NFL’s most successful franchises.

The Superdome hasn’t always been a happy hunting ground though, the research showed. Both Denver and New England — winningest teams — have lost two Super Bowls apiece at the Superdome. The Louisiana stadium was also the scene of the only Super Bowl loss for another top-tier franchise, San Francisco. The first 49ers Super Bowl loss came against the Ravens when brothers John and Jim Harbaugh led the teams.