At least to us, Amy Acker is the queen of Hallmark holiday movies (even though ScreenRant gave the title to Candace Cameron).

Lake Highlands High and Southern Methodist University graduate Amy Acker — one of several locally raised stars residing in California — has a resume showcasing a successful showbiz career. The 45-year-old is best known for playing Fred on Angel in the early aughts. She had parts in Catch Me if You Can, Cabin in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, How I Met Your Mother and, obviously, Law and Order.

But the erstwhile J. Crew model has found a niche that should be celebrated this holiday season — Hallmark movies. Her latest holiday-themed flick, Crashing Through the Snow, premiered this year, in the summertime, during Hallmark’s Christmas in July event. She plays a divorcee who spends Christmas with her ex and his new bride. She’s a good sport about it all, and the new wife has a brother, and you’ll never guess how it plays out.

On Hallmark Channel’s podcast Acker talked about how much she enjoys making Hallmark movies.

“There are all these really funny moments already written in,” and lots of pratfalls and super-awkward situations that are really fun,” she said on the show. I like that she used the word pratfalls. Very nice.

She added that her mom, too, enjoyed the departure from the more violent roles.

“My mom was really excited that I wasn’t killing somebody.”

Acker’s first Hallmark holiday movie was Dear Santa, in 2011, directed by Jason Priestley (yes, Brandon), about a wealthy woman who learns how to give to others, thanks to the spirit of Christmas.

In 2016, she showed off her skills as a trained dancer in A Nutcracker Christmas.

Here’s the Hallmark Channel.