Lake Highlands High School alumnus and country singer Granger Smith has quite the name for his line of merch.

Yee Yee Nation doesn’t put the ‘yee’ in ‘yeehaw,’ though it certainly sounds like it would. Instead, the most common definition for the phrase is “an expression of pure excitement or happiness.”

It’s for those who love the outdoors. Also, the brand isn’t solely his but a collaboration he started with his brothers, Tyler and Parker, that grew to include more.

By more, I mean a podcast, clothing, hats, flags, decals and now even jerky. Yes, beef  jerky. The jerky comes in two flavors: original and teriyaki. There’s also a little tab listing Smith’s tour dates.

The origin of the term ‘yee yee,’ at least in the world of the Smith brothers, comes from a series of videos in 2011 featuring his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. Dibbles is a country boy who is almost a caricature of all things country.

Smith posted a YouTube video in May further detailing what the Yee Yee brand is about, emphasizing family, but in more of the sense of his immediate family and their vlogs.

Watch the video below to learn more.

You can find out more about Yee Yee Nation on