Despite the rising cost of housing and inflation in the metroplex, Dallas ranks 10th as one of the places where residents are most satisfied with their homes and neighborhoods.

Residents living in Dallas neighborhoods typically have a positive opinion on where they live. On a scale of one to 10, the national average satisfaction rating for those living in a house is 8.37 and 8.32 for their neighborhood.

Dallas holds the 10th spot on a list of the 24 largest cities with the the most satisfaction, according to data provided by Inspection Support Network. The average ratings in Dallas are higher than national averages.

For house satisfaction, those living in houses ranked their experience at 8.78. As for the neighborhood satisfaction ranking, that ranking was slightly lower at 8.54.

However, the satisfaction rankings have increased significantly over the past decade.

Housing satisfaction in this report was measured by housing quality, adequate space, amenities and cost. On the other hand, neighborhood satisfaction was measured by quality of schools, crime and social connectedness.

Previously, it was found that Dallas has higher rent and mortgage prices than the national average. That doesn’t take away from how much residents enjoy living here.