Allen West, via Twitter

Allen West’s, a GOP gubernatorial candidate, stance on masks has most recently surfaced at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday morning.

West admits on his Twitter account to pulling down the mask of a man at the airport.

“This morning at the airport a man starts yelling at me and tells me to put my mask on and calls me an idiot,” West posted in a tweet. “I walked over to him and asked if he called me an idiot, he continued to yell at me. I pulled down his mask and said see, nothing happened.”

A man yelled at and insulted the former Lake Highlands neighbor for not wearing a mask. When the man raised his fists, West walked away, according to a statement released by West’s office.

DFW Airport police arrived and a report was filed. No further details are available at this time.

The man who confronted West has not been identified, according to NBC 5.

A month ago, West, who was unvaccinated, was hospitalized with COVID-19. His wife, who is vaccinated, was also infected with the virus at the same time.