Lucky. Photography by Jessica Turner.

It was love at first sight.

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Karen Clardy showed up early for an Operation Kindness adoption event two years ago at Whole Foods in Plano. She and her husband, Floyd, had recently lost their white husky and still had an aging rottweiler at home.

“I saw this awesome dog,” she says. “And I just grabbed him and said, ‘I want this dog.’”

Lucky, picked up by Dallas Animal Services and rescued by the nonprofit, had been fixed, but he had heartworms and pinworms.

Human and canine connected right away, and now they’re inseparable.

Clardy, a Richardson ISD trustee who lives in Lake Highlands, says Lucky has become her Zoom buddy. She’d tell her husband, “OK I’m getting ready to go on my Zoom,” and find Lucky already in his place on the loveseat in her office. He’ll sit politely through a four-hour meeting, and he knows not to bark, she says.

They love taking walks together, and Clardy thinks the companionship has added years to rottweiler Coco’s life.

They got along from the get-go.

“Coco’s a huge, big dog,” Clardy says. “He gave her a little kiss on the side of the cheek, and Lucky became the head dog.”

Lucky is protective, and he loves barking at the garbage truck. He’s smart, but he doesn’t do tricks. And he’s found the perfect companion.

“I felt very lucky, so that’s why I called him Lucky,” Clardy says. “There were a lot of stars that had to line up for us to be together. He’s my emotional support dog.”

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