Will Hutton (#17) at the Mesquite Poteet game. Photo by Jeff Bargas.

Lake Highlands High School senior Will Hutton has received the Dave Campbell Impactful Leadership Award. The honor, created by Dave Campbell Texas Football and sponsored by First National Bank of Omaha, is presented each week during football season to a Texas high school player who demonstrates leadership on and off the playing field.

Hutton, who plays receiver, punter and linebacker, is a second-year captain for the Wildcats. He co-founded the school’s Bass Fishing Team, serves as captain of the Wranglers country and western dance team, and was elected secretary of the Student Council. He is ranked 17th in his class with a 4.12 GPA.

Hutton shared his tips for juggling coursework, sports and organizations on campus.

“It’s mostly about time management and making things a priority,” he told me. “I treat all of my activities equally, but on Friday nights, football comes first.”

Coach Lonnie Jordan, who nominated Hutton for the award, praised him on Twitter as a “great player, but more importantly…He is a great young man.” The encouragement was meaningful, Hutton said, because of the way Jordan pours into his student athletes to prepare them for life beyond the gridiron.

“Coach Jordan has always been a great role model for me and for the rest of the team,” said Hutton, “so when he says that about me, it gives me a lot of confidence.”

Hutton plans to major in natural resources management, but he hasn’t yet chosen a college. If given the opportunity, he’d enjoy playing football at the next level.

If the Hutton name sounds familiar, you may know that Will is the middle boy in a football-loving family. Jack served as captain for the Wildcats before graduating in 2020, and Sam, also a captain, plays linebacker and will graduate next year. Annie is their older sister.

“I’ve been really fortunate to grow up and play on the same teams with my brothers, and it creates a friendly competition, but at the end of the day we all support each other. Just knowing, especially this season, that as soon as I go off the field my brother goes on – that’s really special. I’m really fortunate to be in that position.”

Hutton’s recognition by Dave Campbell’s Texas Football puts him in an elite group of players across the state. The outcome of many a game has hinged on the leader who can mentor his peers and inspire their best.

“Leadership means not only carrying yourself the right way, but also making sure everyone in your group or activity is headed in the same direction – that everyone has the same mindset,” said Hutton. “We’re not trying to score touchdowns individually or rack up stats – the end goal is to get to the playoffs together.”