Today is National French Fry Day, and whether you prefer classic fries, shoestring potatoes, sweet potato fries or crunchy wedges, several Lake Highlands restaurants feature the golden treats on their menu.

Shady’s Burgers and Brewhaha

Shady’s Burgers and Brewhaha offers cheese fries for $7.50, but your Texan card is at risk if you don’t add bacon and jalapeno for another $1.75. High fries with cheddar, chorizo and crema are $9.75. Their weekday lunch special includes the Shady’s burger, fries and drink for $10. 9661 Audelia.

RM 12:20 pommes frites with aioli

RM 12:20 Bistro features pommes frites with aioli (ooh la la!) for $6. Wednesday’s $9 burger special includes a side of fries. 9850 Walnut Hill #305.

Bellagreen fries

Bellagreen serves classic and sweet potato fries for $3.99, or you may opt for the healthier choice with your burger – organic quinoa salad. Bless your heart. 8041 Walnut Hill #810.

Brick House Fry Trio

BrickHouse Burgers and Shakes has a Fry Trio for $10.50 with fries, onion rings and mozzarella cheese sticks. 9090 Skillman #174A.

Fish City Grill’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Fish City Grill offers a side of fries for $2.99, or you may add it to their new Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. 7170 Skillman #100.

Jake’s fries with chicken fried steak

Jake’s Burgers and Beer sells classic fries or tots for $1.99, or you may upgrade to sweet potato fries for $2.29. Cheddar fries or cheese tots are $5.99. 6606 Skillman.