Bishop Lynch High School hosted their prom last Saturday at Union Station.

Officials at Richardson ISD decided a senior prom packed with sweaty teens hugging, singing and dancing the night away was a recipe for COVID disaster. But I’ll just dare you to tell Lake Highlands mamas their babies can’t celebrate.

The “unofficial” prom planned for this Saturday at House of Blues has been billed by some as a “Mom Prom,” because the arrangements are being overseen by mothers from the LHHS Class of 2021. Only LHHS seniors and parent chaperons may attend, and any student under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be promptly escorted out of the venue. Aside from that, the plan is to party, party, party.

“The Class of 2021 has existed in a world of ‘wasn’t, can’t happen and sorry to miss,’” said mom Courtney Slater. “When vaccinations started to ease the restrictions we are all living in, the parents of the senior class jumped into high gear to make sure these seniors could make the best of the time they have left.”

Tickets are $75 per person online here, and the theme is “Starry Nights.” Slater says the moms are working full-time behind the scenes to make the event the best it can be and available to every senior.

“These kids have been so resilient this year,” said Slater, “and they deserve the opportunity to have their turn at this milestone.”