East Dallas neighbor P.J. Thebeau is opening Devotion Skate Co. on Northwest Highway.

There are only a few skate shops in Dallas, and most are concentrated downtown. Now, a lifelong skateboarder is opening a new skate shop in our neighborhood.

P.J. Thebeau and his partner Mia Ordway are opening the shop called Devotion Skate Co. at 11277 E. Northwest Highway. It will sell skateboards, wheels and apparel, among other products. 

“East Dallas has been neglected for so long in the skateboarding community,” Thebeau said. “We’re the new kids on the block, but we’re the most experienced on the block. My life is skateboarding.”

They hope to open this summer in time for national Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, but the building has sat vacant for years and may need remodeling before it can open.

“We’d like to open quickly, but we’ve got to make it right,” Thebeau said.

Thebeau, 47, started skateboarding when he was 10 and has owned multiple skate shops in the Dallas area. He opened The Shop in Bishop Arts in 2010, and before that, he had Superior Skate Shop in Duncanville.

He lived in California for a few years, working as a sales rep and part owner for Hype Skateboards. He moved back two years and started working on opening Devotion Skate Co. His new home is just a mile from the store.

“I don’t like having a business in a neighborhood I don’t live in,” Thebeau said. “It’s not right.”

The shop is located just a few miles from a 40,000-square-foot outdoor skatepark under construction in Garland. Completion is scheduled for early 2023.

“Skateboarding is growing in Dallas,” Thebeau said. “I just want to help skateboarders. I want to help skateboarders who want to do it for a living.”