The last day to vote in the current local election is May 1. Photo by Liesbeth Powers.

Unofficial counts of early voting this spring show a slightly lower turnout for Dallas County in comparison to its last local election.

So far, roughly 69,400 early votes have been counted by the county elections office. This includes just over 65,500 in-person ballots from polls across Dallas.

In the last local election, which included a race for mayor, county records show a 74,000 in-person votes during the early voting period and an additional 5,000 ballots by mail before Election Day.

Both of these counts fall way below the fall presidential election in 2020, when Dallas County hit new records for voter turnout with more than 723,000 residents visiting the poll during the extended early voting period.

However, this year’s numbers beat out local elections in 2015, when less than 36,000 voters made it out to the polls during early voting, and in 2017, when just over 52,000 people voted early in-person.

With close to 70,000 voters making it to the polls so far in the May 1 local election, roughly 3% of the population has voted, according to Census population estimates from 2019.

The last day to vote is Election Day, May 1.

Polling locations in Dallas County are open to any county resident, with more than 400 available locations on Election Day. Explore which voting centers are nearest to our neighborhoods here. Voting centers will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Learn more about some of the biggest races on the ballot through our website, including answers from candidates for Dallas City Council District 1, District 4District 9 and District 14.