A stray dog that was trapped under an SUV has a new home with one of the firefighters who rescued her.

Firefighters responded April 10 to a 911 call about a trapped animal in the White Rock area. The responders were from Fire Station No. 31, 9365 Garland Road, and Fire Station No. 17, 6045 Belmont Ave.

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They removed one of the tires on the SUV so they could access the dog from the top and bottom of the engine compartment. Once she was rescued, she was transferred to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

Two days later, firefighter James Tooter Hayes, who helped with the rescue, adopted the dog and named her Grace.

“#Attaboy to the citizens who thought the value of an animal’s life important enough to call 911 in the first place,” Dallas Fire-Rescue posted on Facebook. “Thank you to the fine folks of Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center for always placing the needs of our four-legged residents at the forefront. Thank you to the members of DFR for #Caring, #Serving and #Protecting humans and animals alike. And saving the best for last….. thank you to James for showing Grace the love and compassion she clearly hadn’t received prior to this past Saturday.”

The State Farm workers who found the dog and called 911 showed their appreciation Monday by bringing food to the fire station and treats for Grace.