Dugg Burger in Casa Linda

The question tonight isn’t what to make for dinner, it’s “bun or bowl”?

Dugg Burger is hosting a fundraiser for the Wildcat Band from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at their shop in Casa Linda, with 20% of sales kicking back to Lake Highlands High School. The kids receive the benefit whether you dine in, take out or eat on Dugg’s patio, but you’ll need to mention the Wildcat Band.

New to Dugg’s? First, you’ll decide whether you’d like your protein choice on an Empire Baking Company brioche bun or laid on a bowl of fresh mixed greens. Then you’ll choose beef, crispy chicken, grilled chicken or portabella mushroom cap for the “meat” of the meal. Cheeses come next, then a variety of options from chile lime slaw to crispy onion strings to fire-roasted jalapenos to hickory smoked bacon. To finish, you can always add bread pudding with caramel sauce, an Oreo milkshake or a local craft beer.

You can view Dugg Burger’s full menu here.

Dugg’s Burger is at 9540 Garland Road at Buckner, Suite #407.