Princess Wreh is Monrovia Lounge’s chef. Photo courtesy Monrovia Lounge

Lake Highlands’ Monrovia Lounge is looking for neighborhood support as they rebuild from setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and Texas’ recent winter storm.

The Black-owned restaurant and bar located at 9220 Skillman Street, Ste. 227 serves West African cuisine with a Cajun flare. Le Cordon Bleu graduate Princess Wreh is Monrovia Lounge’s co-owner and chef.

The restaurant opened in 2020 and has faced challenges since Day 1 due pandemic-related restrictions, according to the restaurant co-owners.

“The idea was to bring a new culture and food to our local low income neighborhood,” the owners said in a recent GoFundMe description. “We wanted to provide jobs for those desperate in our community, who had turned to drugs and other criminal activities.”

The co-owners say employment fell short due to budget shortfalls and an abrupt halt in sales from increasing regulations from the city and government on the food service industry. More recently, the restaurant is working to repair damages caused by burst pipes during Texas’ winter storm last month.

“The restaurant flooded, ruining kitchen equipments, furniture and electronics,” the co-owners say. “We won’t be open until all repairs are fixed.”

To support Monrovia Lounge, neighbors can donate to the restaurant’s GoFundMe.