Porky steered clear of busy Walnut Hill Lane out of safety, but the road culprit is just behind him. Photo by Elizabeth Uclés

Porky’s Pothole Patrol’s latest find can be found just across from Lake Highlands Junior High on Walnut Hill Lane.

If you’ve been an Advocate reader for awhile, you will recall Porky the Pothole Pig. Porky is back to give you a heads up on the neighborhood’s nastiest potholes.

Porky reported this pothole to the City of Dallas’ 311 online portal. The report number is 21-00240014 if you want to follow along. The estimated response time is three days, with a service followup five days later. We’re watching to see if it gets fixed.

Got a pothole in need of Porky’s assistance? Email the location to eucles@advocatemag.com.