Tony Casagrande

Tony Casagrande is running for Richardson ISD school board in single member District 1 surrounding Pearce and Richardson high schools. The engineer is a strong proponent of RISD’s $750 million bond, which he calls a “win-win.”

“We are at a critical time in our district’s storied history. A large bond has been approved for the election with a promise of no tax increase to the citizens,” says Casagrande. “The district, kids and teachers get great facilities, local businesses get work, and everybody generally wins. This is as long as someone is willing to pay for the bond. Historically, it has to be the citizens through increased taxation. I am uniquely able to help the district navigate this situation and therefore, want to volunteer.”

Casagrande, president of Campos Engineering, says his business acumen and technical expertise have prepared him to serve the district.

“I operate a successful business based off of the principles of fairness, empowerment, teamwork and achieving goals. I am a building engineer with a mechanical license and 20-plus years of experience with large bond programs in K-12 across the state. I have participated on volunteer boards and committees in my industry and also served as an officer for back-to-back years in one of the largest in Texas in my industry.”

Casagrande lives in the Brentfield, Parkhill and J.J. Pearce feeder pattern with his wife and 3 sons. He has a message for Lake Highlands voters, though we won’t see his name on our ballot.

“For this election, the future of the district’s facilities is going to be a challenge to the district’s great teachers and student programs because of the reported plan to not seek a tax revenue increase. This means the bond that is up for election, that is so critically needed, would have to be paid for through some other means like the operating budget. Learn about everyone running for position 7 and their stance on the bond before you choose LH families.”

Megan Timme and Vicky Suarez are also running in single member District 1, and early voting begins April 19.