All of this ice is melting, and if your pipes burst during the freeze, then water could start gushing out of them after the thaw.

Here are some other tips from the City of Frisco on what to do to prepare for the thaw:

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Watch for wet carpet or floors at baseboards. Do not forget your closets. Focus on exterior walls, especially at exterior hose bib connections.
Listen for unusual sounds in your home when no water is being used.
Inspect outside exterior walls at the foundation for water exiting brick or siding.
Monitor your yard for super saturated soil. Irrigation systems can also freeze and burst.
Watch for ice dams at roof valleys and home intersections. Melting snow and ice can enter homes when dammed at rooflines.
Inspect pool equipment for broken pipes and housings.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to shut your water off at the meter without special tools. Keep in mind that it might take some muscle and perseverance, and the shut-off valve may be buried in dirt.