Assistant principal Derrell Oliver receives a basket from LHHS cheerleaders

The Lake Highlands High School cheer squad surprised school nurses and administrators with goodie baskets Friday in recognition of their extraordinary work during the pandemic.

“We are so appreciative for all that you do for LH Cheer and the school,” tweeted coach Alan Kirby. “Thank you to all of you for the many extra hours dealing with Covid, the constant changes, and protecting the students and staff!”

Nurses have taken on additional new roles in the past year, says cheer mom Liz Kluever, working to stay on top of ever-changing guidelines from the CDC and RISD. Principals, too, she says, have dealt with the obstacles of kids being quarantined and switching frequently between virtual and face-to-face learning. The PTA frequently hosts events to demonstrate support for the faculty, but this was a way for the girls to say thank you face-to-face.

“I think it was important to give back to the nurses and principals to let them know we appreciate them,” says varsity captain Kennedy Kluever. “I have seen teachers putting student safety first, and it has shown greatly.”

“It has been such a hard year,” agrees captain Alexandra Armer, “and the staff is always trying to make things better for the students. We thought we’d try to do something to show how much we appreciate them.”

Cheerleaders with principal Kerri Jones

Assistant principal Deetrice Thomas enjoys goodies from LHHS cheerleaders