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Lauren first noticed Drew Solomon when they were seventh graders at a New Year’s Day party in 1998. “He was doing impressions of Austin Powers for everybody,” Lauren says. Drew was visiting from England, where he lived at the time. Drew eventually moved to Lake Highlands for 8th grade at LHJH. He and Lauren reconnected at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church and started dating their sophomore year at LHHS. The 2003 graduates dated throughout the rest of high school and had a brief break up when they went to college. “During our break, I think we both knew that we were going to get back together,” Lauren says. The couple were best friends and had the same goals in life. Lauren and Drew went on to get married in 2009. After briefly living overseas, the Solomons returned to the neighborhood, even though Lauren thought it was a little cliche at the time. Once they found the right home, they knew they were staying in LH. Lauren and Drew now have a son and daughter together and are expecting baby No. 3 this March.

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