From Lake Highlands High School homecoming dances to weekends at the lake, the neighborhood was the foundation for these couples in their journeys to happily ever after. Here are how these seven Lake Highlands couples went from high school sweethearts to husband and wife.

Words to live by: Susie and John

John Roberts knew Susie was the woman for him over burgers and curly fries on one of their first dates at a “fancy” burger joint in the Medallion Shopping Center in the ‘70s. For Susie, it was during her last two years at Texas A&M. She says John checked off all her boxes: loyalty, kindness, love of God, caring, funny and a hard worker. The LHHS ‘74 grads married in 1978 and have two sons and a daughter. This verse from Ephesians guides the Roberts’ marriage, they say: “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other just as God in Christ forgave you.”

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Building a legacy: Lori and David

Lori first noticed David Findley in his 1967 Firebird Convertible. The LHHS sweethearts first started dating in the late ‘70s and were married December 1979, and they had their daughter Amanda the next year. Lori and David look forward to retiring this year, and following their daughter to Florida’s Gulf Coast. David says the thought of living outside DFW for the first time since 1970 is nerve-wracking and sentimental, but the Findleys feel it is the right thing to do for family.

Banded together: Lauren and Tony

Tony LaRocca asked Lauren out while walking from LHHS to Freshman Center after morning band practice — a place of fond memories for the 2002 graduates. Their time together at LHHS was filled with Friday night football games, competitions and early morning practices. The LaRoccas were married in July 2005, and they now have 7-year-old Jude, and 5-year-old Penny. Laughing at each other’s lame jokes, forgiving each other’s flaws and learning from each other’s growth has sustained the couple over the last 21 years, Tony says.

Growing up together: Letrieka and Kristopher

Kristopher Evans would mess with Letrieka while sitting behind her in AP History at LHHS — classic flirting from high school boys. His strategy worked and caught Letrieka’s attention; the two attended the school Valentine’s Dance as sophomores in 1997. They spent the next three years of high school bonding at all LHHS dances, Jake’s Burgers and Beer and the local skating rink before heading off to college at the University of North Texas. The couple tied the knot in May 2009, had a daughter in 2011 and a son in 2015. The Evans say communication, honesty and being best friends have been key in their relationship.

One heart-shaped rock later: Amy and Matthew

Everything changed for Amy and Matthew Frank senior year at LHHS. The year before, the two were great friends, worked together at Uncle Julio’s on Lower Greenville, sang in acapella together and carpooled. On Amy’s 18th birthday at the start of senior year, Matthew came to her house with a heart-shaped rock. The 2000 LHHS grads got married in 2010. With three children and working on the frontlines of COVID-19 — Matthew as a restaurant general manager and Amy as a nurse — the two make time for each other with a monthly date night.

Trust and communication: Elizabeth and Jeff

Elizabeth and Jeff Ryan’s love story began at a TC Shaved Ice on Garland Road when the two attended Robert T. Hill Middle School in Old Lake Highlands. They were married in May 2008. Elizabeth says trust and communication are key factors in their marriage as they navigate parenting their daughter and three full-time jobs between them. Elizabeth works in dentistry, Jeff in computers and the two create yard greetings for their small business, Yard Card Queen, in East Dallas. When not at work, the couple spends time at White Rock Stables with their horse, Bentley.

Started with a paper route: Rhonda and Joe

Rhonda noticed Joe Clifford at 12 years old when he was a paperboy. But the ‘84 and ‘85 LHHS grads did not make it official until 1982. The couple recalls fond memories of cruising down Forest Lane, bonfires at the lake and spring break trips. Joe says he knew Rhonda was “the one” when he saw her dating someone else amid a brief breakup between them. Joe did everything he could to win Rhonda back. The couple tied the knot in 1989 and currently have a son at LHHS and a daughter at St. Edward’s University. The Cliffords also own Lake Highlands-based C&C Exteriors.