Megan Timme with husband, Matt, and their children

Lake Highlands and Hamilton Park voters won’t see Megan Timme’s name on the ballot May 1, but she’s familiar to parents in both neighborhoods. The former Richardson ISD teacher and administrator, who announced Thursday she’ll run for school board in District 1, was Merriman Park’s assistant principal in 2002-03 and led Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet from 2007-12. She was a teacher at HPPM for 7 years.

Timme, a graduate of Richardson High School, will be a candidate in the single member district surrounding Pearce High School near her home. Her younger son, Walker, is a senior there, and her older son, Drew, is a star player on the top-rated Gonzaga University basketball team. Daughter, Kendall, is an 8th grader at Parkhill Junior High.

“I have decided to run for the school board because I love this community and this district,” wrote Timme on Facebook. “While times may have changed since I was in school, my children have thrived throughout their time in RISD. As a former teacher and administrator in Richardson ISD, I have witnessed first hand the district’s commitment over time to meet the needs of our changing population. I was blessed to work with some of the very best educators and to understand the need for a work environment that allows our teachers to grow and flourish professionally. I am ready to work with our community and our leadership to build upon the rich history of RISD and to ensure all students graduate with a plan to be successful going forward. I believe my deep community roots, my educational experience and my ability to work with a team to better our district year in and year out will lead to an even stronger outcome.”

Timme says the time she spent in LH and HP helped shape who she is as a person, an administrator and a community member.

“The people I worked with were so committed to doing the hard work for all of the students and wanted to be a part of the solution. They provided valuable feedback and helped me to understand the historical significance of certain practices. They are some of the most supportive and devoted people I have met. That is, in fact, where I learned that every area is different in our district and what a strength that is. The deep roots in LH and the families who are just planting their roots there are such assets to the district. I am forever grateful for the time I spent working in the Lake Highlands community.”

Election of a single member rep in District 1 will complete RISD’s transition to its new 5-2 system of governance, which Timme says helps students, parents and voters in each quadrant of RISD ensure their voices are heard.

“When the district and board are making decisions, it is so important they understand that it could impact each area in different ways,” says Timme. “That has to be taken into consideration. Additionally, I love the fact that single member districts allow the diversity of our community to have a voice. The fact that multiple voices from all backgrounds and experiences have a better chance to have a seat at the table is only an advantage for our entire district.”

If elected, Timme would replace Kim Caston, who will retire after 14 years on the board. Feb. 12 is the last day to file as a candidate, and Election Day is May 1.