LHHS Coach Lonnie Jordan in the turkey outfit

During times this year when senior quarterback Mitch Coulson has been out for injury, the Wildcats have remained undefeated with the stellar play of junior quarterback Caden Dotson. On Thanksgiving Day, someone else was taking snaps and throwing rockets inside LHHS’ new indoor practice facility – head coach Lonnie Jordan.

Jordan, clearly working to keep the atmosphere loose while players prepped for their final district game, wore a turkey outfit to direct the team and give a few last-minute pointers. He may even have shared the old coaches’ adage referring to the high quality of play once playoffs get going, “There are no turkeys after Thanksgiving.”

The 9-0 Wildcats defeated Richardson Wednesday 34-7 in the last home game of the regular season. They take on winless Irving High in Irving at 7 p.m. Monday, and tickets are available online here.